Exterior Electric / Panel

Electric panel work

Large-Scale and Small-Scale Electric Panel Work

If your home or business needs electric repairs done from the panel and not the appliance, Siskiyou Plumbing & Electric can help. Contact us for everything from panel work to short circuiting problems for your residential or commercial property.

All-Inclusive Panel Work

  • Agricultural water, electric repairs, and replacements
  • Septic lift troubleshooting and repair on pumps, alarms, and floats
  • Replacements and repairs
  • Service panel breakers
  • Subpanels, panel replacements, and upgrades

Let Us Fix That Short Circuit

If your electricity is spotty, a short circuit may be the reason. Contact our professionals for troubleshooting, short circuit, wire break, and conduit work. We'll have you back up and running in no time.
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